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Ethical Principles

We take responsibility by personal or by team for our work and attitudes,this is what is expected from us. We don't feel any trouble for investigation. We accept responsibility of our work. Cantas is also conscious about its own society and environment. Life in our country and in our society is very important and we contribute to promote living standards in our society. In addition to profitableness, we feel honour of serving public welfare .

Equal Employment Opportunity

Cantas is giving importance to provide equal employment opportunity. The criteria for employing new employees is not depending on his/her political views, language, religion or sex but convenient and suitable for work conditions. Cantas is also seeking for long-term employment and supporting employees for long-term career.


Modernism is the basement of our difference, success, development and leadership. We are approaching positively to new ideas,encouraging and rewarding creativity. We are searching, finding and applying new innovations to improve our service,product and working quality to offer more effective and abundant for all of us.


Criteria of leadership is assumed as managing human potential in most effective way. Our expectation from our leaders is to discover staff's potential and let them to use their full capacity. Our leaders exemplify to working staff, motivate and support them. They are living with Cantas values and let staff to reach their aims. They are improving organizational culture and head company basis to the excellent.

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