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Quality of Products and Services

Main goal of Cantaş A.Ş., who is the indisputable leader supplier of Turkey in HVAC sector for more than 40 years, is to meet all kinds of needs of you, our valuable customers. It has proven the said goal by adding certificate of ISO14001 Environmental Management System and certificate of OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety Management System received in the year 2010 along with ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate which has been held since the year 2006.

Quality for Cantaş is the level of satisfaction and content felt by our customers in respect of the goods and services, shortly, your desires. In this context; we measure our quality with the capability of our goods and services to meet your expectations and necessities and we adopt to develop complete customer satisfaction as a principle.


Environment is the primary aspect of the quality policy of Cantaş A.Ş. When we consider from this perspective, our company has always shown the compliance with Environment policies and the social responsibility in respect of the products it supplies. Our employees have been rendering services to you by being trained with the above mentioned consciousness and responsibility.

Technology is an integral and inseparable part of Cantaş. Our employees follow up with all technological developments closely and strive for our customers to make use of the said developments by analyzing the future of the sector. Our primary mission is to offer the latest and the optimum to our customers with the consciousness of the fact that the advanced technology would bring along the high performance.

Guarantee is essential for the quality understanding of Cantaş. We see our products as the identity of Cantaş in the presence of our customers and accordingly we don't think independent from our company. In this context; guarantee is one of the must parts of our product quality. Our most important goal is the trust of our customers on our products and accordingly us.

World's leading brand names prefer to work with Cantaş and we have won the confidence of our customers on all of our products by means of the self reliance acquired from their preferences and accordingly we have been feeling the togetherness for long years.


Communication is the most important issue of our service policy as Cantaş. All of our employees are educated as willing to render service to and assist our customers instantly. Kindness of our employees, having relations with the customer, involves prestige and friendship. They try to know the customer and his/her needs and they generate a solution in the presence of any problem as soon as possible.

Reliableness is the key stone of Cantaş ensuring its leading supplier position in the sector for long years. According to us; service means rendering in the direction of the promises faithfully and correctly. The most important point, resulting in the quality of our products and services and our leadership in the sector for long years, is the trust of our customers.

Accessibility expresses reaching services easily, for Cantaş. Our sole goal is to respond to the requests of our customers as soon as possible and to deliver as quick as possible. Accordingly; we are able to offer the quality to your side by means of our investments we have made for years.

Education is one of our most important missions not only for our employees but also for our customers. Informing our customers on the latest development all around the world and assisting the improvement of the sector by organizing workshops and trainings are among most important responsibilities of us, as Cantaş. On the other hand; we can render better services with our experienced and dynamic staff who are experts in their fields and who have strengthened their abilities with the educations they have had.

Cantaş, which is the indisputable leading company of the Refrigeration and Heating sector, will be carrying on the path with confident steps by the mission of adopting the best service with the best good as a principle. Our relation with your side, our valuable customers, will not end with only the sales. On the contrary; our relations will be a long term type which will start with the sales.