The HALCOR Group represents the copper product manufacturing and trading part of VIOHALCO. Through its strong production base which includes plants in Greece, Bulgaria and Romania, the HALCOR Group produces and distributes copper and copper-alloy rolled and extruded products and cables while being the sole producer of copper tubes and zinc rolled products in Greece.

With its business presence spanning over 70 years in the copper processing and trade sector, the HALCOR Group is a strong entity comprising 18 companies, 8 production plants and having a significant commercial presence in European, Asian, American and African countries.

By investing in research and technology, HALCOR is in a position to supply a wide range of energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

he company is a driving force for innovation and has established itself as a pioneer in the metal processing sector, by developing products of superior technology and high added value for all building, industrial and architectural applications.